Kathmandu Kid


Welcome to my humble abode on the World Wide Web.  This is my personal page to show pictures and other things as I so wish.  My business site is Yeti Services.

I do believe that I was given the nickname “Kathmandu Kid” by a Customs Agent in Tokyo, Japan while I was stationed there as a United States Marine Embassy Guard.  I had come to Tokyo from the embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I could have passed for one of the embassy’s employees children.  Thus the nickname.

The name has stuck ever since.  When I returned to the United States in 1979 I got a CB radio and had the handle Kathmandu Kid and have used the id KTM_KID in several other instances.  KTM is the airport code for Kathmandu.

On this page I will start with some links to places in Nepal or dealing with Nepal.

I will also put up some pictures I have taken from time to time.  I guess some of the first I will put up will be from Nepal and then some from Japan. 

I also have a number of pictures from the National Junior Achievement Conference in Bloomington IN in 1973 (summer between my junior and senior years).  I can only remember one name from that conference and it just came to me, a girl I meet named Peggy Mutton, from Grand Rapids.  All of us from our area (Houston Texas at the time) came home saying things that people from the North say.  It was kind of fun back then.  I spent four years in Junior Achievement. 

I graduated from high school in Houston, Texas.  I went to Spring Branch Senior High.  It is no more.  We do have an alumni association.  While I was in high school I was involved with Junior Achivement (4 years), Mu Alpha Theta, Explorers, Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS), and scholars(boys spirit group).  I have to admit one of the most fun groups was JETS, which was comprised of the Chemistry 2 class and a couple of other students.  We all went to A&M and I did pretty good in the slide rule tests.  Anyone remember how to use a slide rule.  I was the geek that wasn’t smart enough and thus didn’t fit in anywhere.

I went to the University of Houston for the fall semester of 1974, then joined the Marine Corps on the way home from registration for the spring semester.  I returned to college the fall semester of 1979 after being discharged from the Marine Corps.  I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in the fall of 1983 with a BBA Management Science option.  Not bad considering I was working from 40 to 60 hours most weeks.  When I first started to college, I signed up for 16 hours and told people I was going part time.  Little did I know at the time 12 hours was considered full time.  I thought full time was 40 hours, as I was working.