The Detachment

I arrived at the Embassy in Kathmandu Nepal during September 1976.  We replaced 60% of the detachment at one time.  One marine had been medivaced to Bangkok just as we arrived.  We had to learn fast.

The marine medivaced to Bangkok (Dave Ricker) came back after a few weeks.  He had a rare strain of typhoid fever.  We were a big detachment.  A gunny and five watchstanders.  We were Dave Ricker, Robert Bridge, Kip Schmidt, John Signorello , Pedro De Jesus, and myself.  I don’t remember at this time who was first to leave.  Dave was due out next, and he went to a rough spot in Ottawa Canada, just a few hours from his home in Maine.  Robert Bridge went unexpectedly, when a new detachment was needed in Cario Egypt.  Then Perdo De Jesus was the next to leave.  Kip did not complete his tour and left early.  David and I left about the same time in early 78.